WCA membership – why we have it and why it’s great news for everybody?

3 October 2017 blog

Few days ago we received a very, very important letter with following certificate:



We are WCA Family member since 2014 and we are very proud of it! Read below to see why:


What is WCA?

WCA (World Cargo Alliance) is an organization connecting all the best forwarding companies from around the world – it has more than 6000 members in 193 countries! To become a member, a company must fulfill a list of requirements, the most import of which are:

  • being a company with impeccable reputation
  • being a financially stable company

both of which IT-Logistics is!


Why is it important to be a WCA member?

Being an WCA member gives us many benefits – starting with know-how, ease payments between member companies up to financial guarantees. But the one feature that we use the most, is the giantic datebase with reliable contacts from all around the world!


Why is that good news for our Clients?

If a Client has a request that is hard to organize from just one side – like shipment to a place with no port access, or exotic country with no regular Shipping Line service etc. – all we have to do is to find a WCA member from the country and they will answer our questions and help us organize smooth delivery taking care of the cargo for us while it’s there.

This greately widens our possibilities and helps us with getting fast aid in case any problems are encountered. It’s like having an agent in every part of the world.

This of course also works the other way around – we are often asked by members from different parts of the world to help them take care of the cargo while it is in Poland and help them solve issues, especially those related to local laws that are different in every country.